Why you're wrong about your career, and what you can do about it.

First, Chocolate Chip Cookie Joe.

Then Project Unchained.

Then The Spot of Joe.

Then Infinite Momentum.

Then back to Project Unchained.

Then Infinite Momentum.

Then The Spot of Joe.

What was it that I was searching for? Why did I keep changing the name?

Whenever I felt off, like “why am I doing this?” I sought congruence. I wanted to feel like what I was doing made sense… at a deeper level.

I had always desired a deeper sense of meaning to what I was doing. I hated feeling like I was doing something just because I had to, or because I needed money, or I wanted to seem nice.

I wanted what I was doing to feel connected to who I was, and to what I was, and to what I stood for.

I wanted to identify with my work. To resonate. I craved that feeling when I wrote something, or put the final touches on a craft that not only was I proud of my skill, I KNEW the work I was doing was what I was meant to be doing.

Even when I gave my TEDx Speechcraft talk about the importance of asking “Why” back in October 2015, I changed the speech up until the last few seconds before I went on stage.

I needed it to be anchored in a deeper sense of purpose.

Because everything we do, unless it’s centered in a deep, resonating place, is built on shaky ground. We’re born, we live and we die. If what we do changes nothing for those who will inhabit the earth after us, what good is it?

I’m not saying never go after pleasures of the flesh, or see a movie, or do something nice to someone because we’re all going to die. In fact I’m saying quite the opposite. We are all here on borrowed time, so why not make the most of it?

Whenever I sourced my reasons on trying to get money, or trying to avoid conflict, I inevitably either created the poverty, or conflict I feared, or I sacrificed my inner serenity in the process.

When I source my purpose from a place of achieving pleasure now, not a surface level pleasure, but a deep, fulfilling, resonant pleasure, I end up relaxing… My worries go away and I relax into enjoyment of the moment.

I wanted to share this with you, because whenever I think about career, what I want to do long term, what I need to achieve for something in the future, I lose my connection to the present moment and get lost up in worry, fear and things which aren’t connected to who I am at a deeper level.

The part of me which has everything it needs, which is only comprised of love and wants only to give this.

This part of me often wants to craft. It wants to travel. It wants to love. It loves to write. To make videos.

There’s more to it, but centering yourself in what lies beyond you, in the assumption that all your resources will be provided to you, enables you to find what you truly desire rather than your desires which are based on lack.

Take 5 minutes to meditate right now. Focus on some subtle noise around you. Notice what pops up, what speaks to you. Write it down if you like.

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P.S. I’m super excited for this Wednesday where Marni Kinrys, Kristen Carney and I are recording a conversation for their podcast, The Wing Girl Method. Check it out! They’re awesome at what they do - help guys build an enjoyable dating life.

Also I’m getting a tattoo soon. Finally! More on this as it develops.

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