Do you believe in life after love?


 *Belting out in Cher voice*


Oh. So kind of you do come into my shower. Lemme get dressed and meet you on the couch for this week's blog post...


*Pat's down neck as steam dramatically frames my exit from the shower* 

 "Much better."

So why the singing? You're thinking. 

I'll tell you. And if you're in my super duper secret email list you probably already know...

Beliefs are things.

 "Duuuh" you're probably thinking. "I came here because I love you so much and I want you to have all my money Joe! Give me something valuable to read and help me live a passionate life!"

I did. But let me explain more.

Beliefs literally create your reality.

And no I'm not crazy. Mostly. 

Here's an example similar to one I used on my most recent vlog (subscribe to it to see more and learn to be more passionate and free!)

Say you believe you're unlovable... You're chillaxing and your friend calls you. You think he wants something from you so you answer kinda annoyed.

He doesn't call out of the blue for a while.

Okay now say you believe you're lovable. You're chillaxing and your friend calls you. You start to smile. Your face brightens up. You love that he thought of you!

You answer the phone enthusiastically! A good conversation later, you have a movie night set up for the weekend.

What's different?

Well the circumstances were exactly the same in both of these scenarios.

The only difference was the belief. One time you believed you were worth it. The other you didn't. And here's the important part... 


That's right... You saw what you expected to see.

Let me say that again...  Reality. Showed. You. What. You. Thought. You. Would. See.

With enough practice thinking about something, eventually those thoughts become things.

This is extraordinary!

"So if I think I'll have tons of money I'll eventually have it???" you predictably ask me?

And I answer, yes.

If you think about it long enough, focused enough (only pro-money thoughts, no money is evil bullcrap or you'll get in your own way, just "money is freedom, I'm excited for the money coming to me" etc.) you'll begin to see opportunities around you, you'll begin to feel more prosperous, hang around more prosperous people, be more receptive towards ideas which feed that good feeling you practice...

Because you expect the world to give you money, you'll see it more and more where it already is!!!

Here's the power of belief in another form: Have you noticed how the cutie you want is never yours? But the weirdo you "don't care about" always wants you?

Why is that???

The weirdo you don't try to get, the one you take for granted... You are your authentic self around them! You don't try and that makes you genuine, which is one of the most attractive things you can be!

Plus you let them into your reality! You have no resistance to them being yours.

You're telling yourself you don't have the cutie you want you're trying to get and you need to do something to get him/her. So even if they did like you, you're not letting them into your reality.

 "Unworthiness" is made up by your worst enemy.

No not the government.

Not your boss. 

Or your mom or dad (sorry Pops and Mambas - I went thru a very angsty teen phase where I ejected a lot of blame and anger at them.) 

It's you.

Good news though... You're also your best friend!

And even better news! 

You're the one who chooses.

So understand you're in control and start constructing your beliefs and let the world catch up to you! 


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