The Value of Time

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Psst. Yeah, you, the one reading this on the screen. Over here! Want a spoiler?

See the image above?

Yeah it's there for irony's sake.

People who speak to me in person often hear me say

"You should never sell your time for money."


"Taking a job is just becoming a time slave."

And I've found comfort in sharing my values in this way. I've discovered that some people react emotionally to such statements... It took me a while to find out why.

Like most Americans, and most people in other industrialized parts of the world, I was indoctrinated into the thinking that you had to take a job to make a paycheck so you could survive.

You can trade your time for money.

And I was indoctrinated into thinking to get a good job I needed a good education in a specialty...

And sure, if you work very very hard at school for several years, you can trade your time for more money...

But in the end, your time is much more valuable than any amount of money.

When I hear anyone utter frustration about their job I ask them a simple question...

Now you'll want to ask this to yourself. And you'll want to remember it so you can ask yourself this every morning.

This one question has the power, if you choose to let it, to change your life from the inside out. It's very simple to comprehend, and for people who live free, fulfilling, passionate lives, easy to answer. For the rest of us, it's more difficult.

So take a mental picture, ask yourself now and store this question in the most accessible and permanent part of your mind to ask yourself this question over and over again...

"Imagine you receive $1,000 every day no matter what you do... What would you do every day?"

Simple right?

Can you genuinely answer it? Absolutely no problem if you can't... Many people haven't considered it... Many people have. The point is you're considering it now, so what's your answer?

This answer you've just given (or which you'll find soon if your mind is rebooting post-blown) is what you'd do if money wasn't an issue. The image I just gave you makes it much more easy to comprehend...

I personally know several people who would consider this reality quite embarrassing as they make multitudes more. It's possible, and not only is it possible, there are several ways to make this amount of money and much more with much less work than you're probably doing at work.

This is because they don't trade their finite resource for money, they understand building assets - entities which bring in cash, like a business you own, or an investment which pays you every month, is much more effective in creating true freedom.

I recently enjoyed a FB comment argument with an old friend of mine we'll call George. George works for a large tech company which may or may not be Facebook. I've known George for a while, and I know he loves technology. I totally appreciate George's passion for it... When I grew up, George inspired me with his ability to work through tech so easily, code things, hack things... He always had electronics strewn around his house.

Cool guy, still is. We hung out a few years ago and keep in touch over message often.

I shared a post on how nobody should sell their time for money. He got very angry telling me he loves what he does and that I should be ashamed for being so assumptive.

I did some thinking and I've gained some clarification on our misunderstanding and which will help you understand the role of money, why you should never get a paycheck, and more importantly what you should do instead to enhance your freedom, passion and fulfillment in life.

See, employees value a paycheck because of the feeling of stability that comes with it...

But when you think about it, it's one of the worst deals you can do in your life.

Your time is finite, in fact it is the only thing that is truly finite for everyone... Rich and poor. Healthy and sick. Young and old... All of us have limited time on this world.

Why would you trade the ONLY thing you can't replace for a measly few dollars?

Now I said a paycheck gives a sense of stability...

Just a sense...

It's like this... Imagine there's a tree. And on this tree there are apples. And you're hungry. Normally you could just go pick an apple and eat it (not me though I've started a Keto lifestyle.)

A job is like someone put a fence around the tree and said "hey if you want an apple, you have to do this for me, and if I like it enough, I'll give you an apple."

Kinda a dick move, right? Hint, if you didn't pick up on it, the apples were an analogy for money.

Some would say it's necessary to control how to give out wealth in order to build a society, but I have a more radical notion - what if we all intrinsically WANTED to build cities? to create and sell new products? to work with technology like George?

See, George might be doing what he wants to do, and I applaud this wholeheartedly. The issue though, is that it's extremely conditional.

If his boss doesn't like his work for long enough, he gets fired and can't work on the technology he loves anymore. He can't wake up and work on the projects he wants to work on. He can't build a team and create a product not related to his position (at tech companies, there's more flexibility, but you still don't have control over what you do - Google being almost an exception - for only 20% of your time, a measly 5th you get to work on passion projects... But then again, they're not your projects, they belong to Google.)

So George, if you're reading this, the issue isn't what you're doing... It's that you're trading your control over your time and your life for a paycheck. You love tech... Go build some assets which bring in money when you sleep, like ecommerce stores, building a business where others work for you and you just do the top level stuff... invest in real estate, companies, dividend stocks, network marketing etc. Then go to Facebook and ask them to work for free as long as you can work on whatever project you want to work on... if that's truly what you'd do if you had tons of money coming in every month from your assets while you sleep. That would make you truly free.

Being time free means you choose what you do with your time. You choose when you can travel and where. You choose what you do with your day... True stability comes on it's own, rather than with conditions which can demolish it in an instant if you disappoint others.

Cultivate a mindset which allows yourself true freedom.

I may or may not create instructional products to help you become time free in the future, or share with you others' informational products, pre-vetted by me. Right now I'm supplying the mindsets with you to help you see better ways of freeing yourself to live more congruently and passionately.

Thoughts? Feel free to comment below.


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