Don't be a coward - Pick the right fears

The more I develop congruence with my true purpose, the more aware I am of my alignment with what I bring to the world, and the more I see others' reactions to my congruence - an ability to free myself and others from unnecessary constraint to live life on one's own terms, able to gift what they desire to themselves and others.

I've developed my joys, for example the wonderful freedom of travel, I've discovered my passions - including the development of a craft I've built from the ground up, and the flow of a song leaving my lips as I sing it out loud on a stage!

These are aligned with my enjoyment. I lift these up and allow them to fill me with energy, inspiring me to free more and more people to do the same.

I've also noticed my fears. My fears show me what I do not want, allowing me the clarity to figure out what I do want, yet am not yet seeing.

And a concept became clear to me recently... Or rather, I had freed myself to see it. More and more I see that inside me, there is an ideal self. This ideal self is living the life I desire to live, everything put together, everything going well.

I've gotten some reactions to some of the things I say from several people I know... Angry reactions, fearful reactions, and I realized something... Something important about what we fear... Something life changing to me, and I feel it will be to you as well!

I realized that what we fear defines what we desire.

If we fear clowns, we desire a life free of clowns... If we fear living on the streets, we desire reliable shelter. If we fear losing a friend, we desire intimacy and connection.

The vibration of fear is living in a state of lack... The vibration of desire is closer to living in a state of abundance.

Just like in my other post (link),your emotions show you what you truly desire, and when you're in high states of alignment, they point directly to the thing you're desiring. When you're in lesser states of alignment, they manifest as fear of the opposite... It shows that emotionally, you have work to do to gain alignment with the having of your ideal life.

I realized that in my past, I thought I was afraid of failure. And others' reactions to my posts shared they feel the same way now.

If everyone was afraid of failure, everyone would be successful...


Most people are afraid of success more than they are afraid of failure.

Think about it... If you were successful, wouldn't you be afraid your success would go away? Wouldn't you be afraid you would have to change your goals? Change your way of life?

Success is a huge change! If you actually GET what you're looking for, you will no longer be working towards it! Either you'll just be enjoying the things you have or you'd be desiring new things!

Your sense of meaning, direction and purpose would change. You'd have to find something else to work for and you'd have to reconfigure a new way to think about yourself.

This is my theory about why a lot of people (and myself in the past) stopped myself from succeeding when I could easily have succeeded.

Evolving past a static, unchanging idea of who you are, into a changing, flexible, adaptable sense of self opens you up to succeeding at the things you decide to succeed at.

The fear of success goes away, and you become fluid in your understanding of yourself. Because you can only succeed when you see yourself as successful. Your identity needs to expand with every expansion of your life situation. Want more money? First you have to see yourself as a person with more money. Want a relationship? First you have to see yourself as having a relationship.

The more you see yourself as having what you want, the more you'll accept it into your present. The more you accept it into your present, the more opportunities to fulfill your dreams come into your everyday life. The more opportunities you see in your everyday life, the more you will take them and enjoy what you desire to enjoy.

And in expanding further, you'll seek more to desire, and the process continues!

So fear the things that you don't want, appreciate and share gratitude for the things you do want, and expand with your desires.

Joseph BuchoffComment