The spirituality of driving and focusing on the road

I learned to drive at the age of 21. A consistent theme in my family was overprotection, and after my parents' divorce my parents didn't regain the stability to raise me as a teenager, and I wasn't given the opportunity to learn.

Learn I did though, and I did pretty well. Part of it was my own skill of course, but a lot of it was my teacher. He was a very good teacher, teaching me not just the specific things to do on the road, but also the philosophy behind driving (Avanti driving school in South Florida, shoutout to you!!!)

The curious thing is this... One phrase in particular towards the philosophy of driving was much more than this... It was a philosophy of life.

One day we were driving on the highway. I turned to look at a billboard and exclaimed how hilarious it was. Near where I lived on I-95, a billboard proclaimed in bright, bold letters "YOUR WIFE IS HOT!" With a gorgeous girl having her hair blown back.

And in smaller letters... "better get your AC fixed..."

My teacher told me something I'll never forget. Something that seems so normal, and at some level is... But there's a depth to it...

"The car follows your eyes. Look in front of you and you'll go in front of you. Look to the side and the car will veer that direction."

I realized this applies to life as well. Abstractify everything, and this is true. If you keep paying attention to why you can't afford something, you'll never buy it. If you keep paying attention to why you can't get girls, you'll never have a girlfriend...

Last night, I realized something which builds on this... There are multiple paths to anything and everything you want in life. You can get a girlfriend by being kind and showing her your strengths up front... You can get a girlfriend (or boyfriend for some of my readers) by showcasing your independence and letting her come to you, opening up over time...

Different girls will be attracted to you, or maybe the same girl on different days... There are too many variables to try to control them...

But if you want a girlfriend, all you have to do is direct the car with your eyes...

And by that I mean direct your mind, body and actions with your focus. This is the Law of Attraction at it's clearest and simplest... You experience more of what you focus on. If you look at something, it grows in your experience.

You wouldn't drive a car while sitting backwards in your seat, would you??? Then why would you go through life looking at your past???

Sure, sometimes you have patterns of behavior you need to heal and transmute into something productive... But in that case you're looking at the past with the intention of moving forward towards what you desire.

And that's the most important thing... So much advice nowadays speaks towards "Do A... Then do B..." Especially with the advent of computers, and of AI... Sometimes we forget in Western society that there's more to things than the surface actions...

In fact, the surface actions are MERE EXPRESSIONS of what matters - your focus... Your underlying intentions and desires.

Steer the car forward, think about what you WANT, and source all your actions from that place. Drive facing forward and you will get there.

You may wander on side roads aimlessly, your smartphone dead, waiting for a charge... But you'll still get there.

Your car might crash and you have to hole up at a hotel while it gets fixed... But you'll still get there.

You might total your car and have to take a taxi to the airport and fly there... But you'll still get there.

Focus on your desires and bring them into the present. That is the magic of knowing this secret.