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So I've been thinking. Recently I've been challenged on some of my views on time/money, and rightfully so I've discovered.

A few people have come to me sharing how they are frustrated I'd challenge their way of life, the fact that they chose to be employees... One person was offended. Some others were too in the past.

Some people do understand where I'm coming from in the grand scheme of things, many agree, I'm only speaking about a few readers who have reached out to complain to put things in perspective...

It made me think about where I stand on being an employee.

And I've decided some of it has to do with how I value independence more than I value stability. Which allows me to take large risks in order to help myself feel more free, where someone who values stability more would make the choice to stay in an undesirable situation rather than risk their stability.

And some of it is deeper...

Thankfully I've come across [made up] an ancient [written for the first time right now] legend which perfectly illustrates my deeper thoughts, and offers divine [from me, this random dude on the internet] insight which can allow you to clean your own mindset so you can align yourself more clearly with what you desire. Sit back, grab a cup of tea to feel proper, and enjoy:

Long ago there were two brothers, born of a blacksmith.

Many children's pastime is climbing trees, digging holes, playing Xbox instead of doing homework... *ahem...* Playing an ancient outdoor sport of course, Xbox didn't exist when this legend was first written...

These brothers' leisure time was chock full like a ham and cheese sandwich of hammering swords and arrowheads for the local lord's army.

Their father taught them well... After he croaked, they would be the ones to blacksmith all the bleeding edge assault rifles... *ahem...* ancient battle-axes.

They both became very adept at smithing...

Yet only one enjoyed it.

Bill loved smithing, yet Harry detested it. But they both respected their father and in this ancient ancient society, which is really old and actually exists, a father's word was law and people didn't have the freedom to choose their own path. Like Game of Thrones.

Now they're 30, and some dude comes into town evangelizing the new technology in this real actually existing ancient society called 3D Printing... I'm too lazy to make something up so deal with it.

He tells the brothers that they should have gone into ancient abacus computer science instead of blacksmithing.

Now here's the important part...

After he left, sharing his abacus and what he could do with it, Bill and Harry spoke about the encounter.

Harry: "That douche... How dare he question my path! I'm a blacksmith and he has no right to question it."

Bill: "Haha don't get so frustrated, brother... He's just enjoying sharing his new technology with everyone. Don't take it so personally, I liked his charisma and the abacuses were pretty neat!"

Now I made the "myth" purposefully simplistic, but it shows a point... The way you react to OTHERS' opinions ONLY reflects your OWN opinions...

The guy who didn't like how his choice was challenged was reacting because he himself was split about the decision he made.

The guy who liked his choice of career reacted to it being challenged by noticing the things he liked about the salesman's approach... Because that's how he treats himself - he follows what he enjoys.

When it comes to how you may react to this post or others, it's natural to feel some sort of reaction. Heck, when I started expanding how I thought about possibilities in my life, and showing myself that my ideal life is possible, and very real, I had to confront myself too, all the choices I made in reaction to thinking it wasn't possible... Trouble I didn't need to cause just because I was living in a scarce mindset where I closed myself off from my ideal life out of a false belief that it wasn't possible...

It hurt to expand. And that's okay.

... and I'm writing this post to share that the hurt is a good sign. That it means you're challenging your beliefs, which challenges your identity and worldview... Your stability is being threatened because you're so used to being where you are... Your mind is starting to open up to possibilities and in the process your resistance is felt as it dissolves.

A belief is just a thought you practiced long enough, and if thought for a long time it can influence your world view for the better, or for the worse. If you think making thousands in your free time is possible, you'll read and respond to an email giving you such an opportunity, and you may succeed.

If you don't think it's possible, you'll assume it's a scam and post the email on all the forums with angry emojis.

But if you wanted to make thousands in your free time, and that was your best shot, you'd need to make sure you believe it's possible, and that all depends on how abundant (the amount of success you believe is possible in your worldview) your mind is.

I'm not a saint. I may misrepresent something, or in the formation of a larger idea I may be working with an unfinished idea, yet to be clarified and honed...

But when I hear criticism about how I've challenged a particular situation this person chose to be in, I laugh to myself... My message is important for many people to hear. I believe the world needs to learn how to expand their space of possibilities, grow their mind and allow themselves a more abundant worldview, the second step towards tangible abundance (first you gain clarity of what you want, then you show yourself it's possible. Third you dive into it, learn all about it and find a path towards your ideal life.)

For those who are already being helped and are growing, Project Unchained is here to remind you of the things you already know, and expand your mind to the intermediate and expert mindset tools you can use to perfect your view.

For everyone else though who has yet to achieve clarity, the first step, of their desired life, anger as a reaction to an external message is most often a reflection of anger at yourself. You're at one level going towards your ideal life, and at another you are resisting your own achievement. Thus the split, thus the anger as a manifestation of that split. If you feel a reaction to my words saying you should never trade your time for money, it's because YOU feel the same, but you've clouded yourself from seeing it.

If you truly were comfortable trading time for money, just like the brother who was liked being a blacksmith, you would not be offended.


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