How to take your keys back - One concrete method

In society there are a lot of messages, people sharing how you have to get a job, follow anothers' vision for your life. Maybe your parents want you to be something specific like a doctor or a plumber. Maybe your pastor thinks you'll be a good replacement when he retires and is pruning you for the job.

Whether or not you follow these paths is irrelevant. The point is, for all who read this post, and for all who subscribe (click here if you want to subscribe to help yourself gain back the keys to your life) you enjoy your sovereignty, you enjoy being the one making the choices in your life.

And I am here to wholly support you in this and give you the tools necessary to construct and preside over the lifestyle you choose to build.

So take any specific suggestions I have and use them for your own advantage. Steal the things I share with you, make them your own and apply them to help you create your best life, inside and out, and to maintain and expand it.

As part of life, money helps us enjoy more, better, and better suited things and experiences for ourselves. It is a tool we can use to exchange for other tools. For example, I can use money as a tool to gain food, which is a tool to help me feel nourished.

Or I can use money as a tool to exchange for rent, to protect myself from the elements and build a comfortable environment for myself.

I could live sustainably off my own land if I choose, and this is a valid choice. If that is not your choice, however, money, as a universal and abstract form of value is a great middleman to enjoy life by fulfilling our wants and needs.

Without further ado, a concrete method (one among many) to gain money without sacrificing your time, control or dignity:


The Blogging/ method. One of X steps.

You'll need a notebook. Use this notebook to answer the questions I've written in this blog post and in the future posts about this method.

If you need one, here's a great one you can bring with you in your pocket:


This method is very simple, and is best suited for those who enjoy writing.

Not all of us enjoy writing, and if you don't, no problem. I plan to write more posts to share other methods to sustain oneself financially without sacrificing control, time or dignity, take the first half of this post to heart and check your email (after you've subscribed) to read the other methods I have coming up.

Blogging is a form of sharing value in the form of written information. But how do you make money off of it?

It's simple... Either ask for money, or offer someone else's product to your readers.

Now this product has to be beneficial to them... You're giving value to your readers in a way which promotes your purpose... The reason why you want to give value - the type of value you're giving... So you can't just sell anything.

For example, I created Project Unchained to help people take control of their own life, expand their possibilities and build the lifestyle they want. I have a vision of the world where everyone follows their passions alongside each other, doing what inspires and motivates them on a day-to-day basis.

Project Unchained is my tool to help bring this vision to life.

I wouldn't sell sports equipment... Unless I created a section of Project Unchained specifically geared towards sports-enthusiasts on how to live a lifestyle in line with that specific passion.

As an inspiration, and mentor of mine through his books Simon Sinek once said: It must pass the celery test.

Meaning... is what you're selling related to YOUR passion and purpose?

So step 1:

  • Find a topic you want to blog about

Step 2:

  • Get a domain ( is one of the best places for this)

Step 3:

  • Build your site. Squarespace is AMAZING for this. I've used several and for blogging I wholeheartedly prefer Squarespace.

Step 4:

  • Find a way to advertise it. Social media is perfect, and is a great way to help yourself make money without sacrificing too much time and effort, keeping yourself free to live freely and enjoyably.

Step 5:

  • Write regularly. I write at least once a week.

Step 6:

  • Advertise your posts (I'll write more about this in future posts. This post is more of an overview, with specifics to come)

Step 7:

  • Monetize. There are several ways to capture some of the value you're giving in the form of money. One way is to use affiliate links. You might have seen my link to the journals up above. I genuinely believe these journals will be of great value to you. I am also getting a small commission on anything you buy from Amazon in the next 24 hours. Smart, right? A win/win situation, which helps me continue blogging.


I hope this helped you see how it is possible, and with persistence and determination, inevitable to create a life where you're doing what you want and having your financial needs met.

This is just one way to create a flow of income in a way where you're doing what you love, if you enjoy writing. My next post in this series of three posts will share more about the setup process and include resources for you to learn how to set up your own blog, or hire others to do it. My last post in this series of three will introduce you to methods to find guidance to help you on your journey building the business and how to market and evangelize your blog to gain traffic and fans!

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