Money... What is it good for?

Money is a confusing bitch.

But that's only half the truth.

People have so many feelings about it.

I've been trying to figure it out for myself... How do I get more of it? What is my relationship with it?

For a while I thought of it as evil... I thought I was so selfish to want money.

I was 3. One set of grandparents gave me more presents than the other.

And the grandparents who (I love them very much and I cherish them deeply) gave me less asked me one day "Joe, which grandparents do you like more?"

Kids are so honest. And I was no exception. I was kinda a dick that way... I told them I liked the others more.

My Grandma asked me why.

And I told her "Because they buy me more things."

Ugh. I felt so guilty even though I was three. I didn't want to lie! I didn't know how.

But I didn't want to hurt Grandma's feelings. Her face fell. And I hurt even writing this to you guys.

But a friend of mine recently told me "If you don't feel queasy about pressing "Share" it's not good content.

So here I am... writing this up about to press "Share."

What's the point of all this?

A few things...

First of all, it's not money that's confusing... It's your relationship with it.

There's no shame for liking money. For wanting material things, riches, the best kind of MBA (Massive Bank Account.)

It gets such a bad rap though, wanting money, or cars etc.

And it might just be my family or surroundings in Northern California that make me think it's shameful - well-off but very liberal. It's true what they say that Liberals punish the rich and Republicans punish the poor.

But it's okay for sure - to want nice things, affluence, financial security.

Sure it won't make you happy all the time.

But I'd rather cry in my Tesla than on my secondhand scooter either way of course.

The real benefit of money is how it takes away all the problems and opens so many doors. I love having the ability to buy myself new clothes, to shop at Whole Foods, to eat out. I have this freedom because of money - one of our most awesome inventions.

And one really cool thing about money is that it can buy back the one resource you can't get back... your time.

Money is a social agreement (since it stopped being backed by gold) that this piece of paper can be used to exchange for anything.

It means something because of this agreement.

And because of this it's so awesome how we use it to free our time.

Want an extra afternoon? Hire a maid to clean your bachelor pad instead of doing it yourself.

Want to free up your weekend? Hire an accountant to organize your inventory purchases.

Want to free up your life? Build a business to take your money, use it to give value to your community and in return, multiply it so you can give even more value!

Money is freedom.

And even though I was ashamed for feeling entitled and spoiled for wanting money, I realize now that it's one of the coolest inventions we have, and it's one of the quickest ways to achieve the freedom I so deeply desire in life.

What do you think? I'm curious to hear what your relationship with money is like.